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With massive renewables integration and fostering the EU’s internal energy market, operator’s day to day business requires modern tools to assure transmission capacities and system stability.


Better utilization of the existing power system infrastructure is more environmental friendly as building new power lines.


Operating the system flexibly while keeping it secure and stable yet economically efficient, is of key questions for power system operators nowadays.

Building new power lines requires a large investment and a lot of time. What if your existing grid could offer more?
Meet SUMO.


What makes it different?

Full line coverage

Atmospheric conditions can vary within just a few kilometres. Many DLR solutions focus on hotspots of an overhead line only. Our TSO’s experience has shown that there are no fixed hot spots along the line. SUMO provides comprehensive coverage and eliminates the risks for weak spots. Every line span counts!

Comprehensive solution

The system supports operational planning and real-time operation. The transmission capacities are calcuated for up to two days ahead, supporting security analyses and capacity calculations processes. Mitigation of overloading operational situations in N-1 and N topology is supported from real-time on, giving operators all necessary information to cope with them successfully. Alarms for extreme weather conditions along the lines are also available, and the inverse DLR algorithm for icing prevention. The system features a rich data archive for analytics. It integrates well with other systems.

No de-energising

Because SUMO is fully software enabled, you have the flexibility to add or remove lines without the need to de-energise the power line, making scaling very easy, efficient and done in matter of hours, without any interruptions. And since the solution does not use any sensors on the conductors, you do not have to buy them up front or at all.



  • State of the art DLR algorithm – enhanced CIGRE model
  • Full line coverage - every line-span matters
  • Inverse DLR algorithm for icing prevention
  • DLR results with calculated uncertainties according to the selected confidence level
  • State of the art DTR algorithm for power transformers base on IEC 60076
  • Alarms on extreme weather conditions along the line
  • Short and mid-term ratings forecasts (3 hours, 56 hours)
  • Short and mid-term line/transformer loading forecasts (3 hours, 56 hours)
  • Handling N and N-1 topologies
  • Tight integration with SCADA/EMS
  • Rich archives and data export possibilities for deep analytics
  • APIs for third-party extensions
And to top it all, SUMO has over ten years of experience at ELES group. Read more about it below.
Who trusts us?

SUMO Implementations

ELES Slovenia

  • Used on 29 powerlines (110, 220 and 400 kV), 2 power transformers and on 1 phase-shift transformer.
  • DTR ratings automatically used in day-to-day operations → the System Operation manual accordingly updated.
  • Reverse DLR for icing prevention.
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